Bianca Longbury, Olivier Primo, Charles Tessier, Jean-Luc Mongrain and Eric Douhmy are just a few of the Quebec personalities who have watched their identities usurped to promote Hyuna positions since the beginning of the year.

In March, CBC reported that Aboriginal artists living in Ontario and Quebec, Tara Quincey and Tami Puvis, were also victims of identity theft. (A new window) on social networks.

Mock contests featuring American celebrities, including host Ellen DeGeneres (A new window) Basketball star LeBron James (A new window)It is also organized by subsidiaries. In short, many of the scams we see all over the web that have been making headlines for quite some time have the same origin: AdCenter.

Le logo d’AdCenter.Photo: AdCenter

A “normal mother” in sight from AdCenter

Our investigation enabled us to determine that at least three fake Facebook accounts impersonating Bianca Longpré were created by AdCenter affiliates in…

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