HELENA — There are a couple of unavoidable aspects of getting older. Firstly scammers are more likely to target you, and secondly, there will be BINGO.

A group of senior citizens and residents at Edgewood Senior Living Facility enjoyed a fun round of BINGO and learned how to protect their wallets from scammers this week thanks to the Montana State Auditor’s office.

The BINGO cards were used as a tool for memory learning games that reinforced what they learned after listening to the presentation for about an hour. Commissioner of Securities and insurance Troy Downing led the presentation.

“Making sure that they understand, somebody comes to you with a deal that sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true,” said Downing

Republican Troy Downing ,Commissioner of Securities and Insurance,gives tips on investment safety.

Cindy Ringle was one of the seniors in attendance and says she took away…

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