The Abbotsford Police Department is warning of an increase in scams involving claims that a relative has been arrested and needs money to be bailed out of jail.

Sgt. Judy Bird said that, in a few recent incidents, victims were called by someone impersonating a criminal lawyer who stated they were calling on behalf of the victim’s family member.

The “lawyer” said the family member was in police custody but that a judge would release the person on bail, Bird said.

“The scammer also stated that the investigation is ‘ongoing’ and subject to a ‘gag order,’ and details of the investigation would not be shared,” she added.

The victims are advised that shouldn’t they talk to anyone about the investigation and, if they do, the “bail money” paid would be forfeited to the court.

Bird said in one incident, the fraudster was a man who spoke English without an accent.

She said phone scams are becoming more sophisticated. Fraudsters…

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