We have talked in the past about the serious problem of food waste in our country. I recently became aware from wellandgood.com of some food waste apps and services, including:

1. Imperfect Foods (imperfectfoods.com)

You never know what to expect when your Imperfect Foods box lands on your doorstep. You’ll find “ugly” fruit and veggies — items that would have gone to waste because of their imperfections. But instead of going to waste, they’re sent off to homes that know they’re just as healthy and appreciate all the character they bring to meals.

2. Misfits Market (https://www.misfitsmarket.com/)

Misfits Market works with farmers to send organic and sustainably-sourced produce to your home for up to 40 percent off what you’d pay at the grocery store. This provides people with affordable access to healthy food, as well as cuts down on food waste — it rescues the “misfit” produce that would have been tossed.

3. Too Good To Go (

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