GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Scams targeting restaurants are leaving owners with more than a loss of income. It’s called the refund request scam.

The refund request scam is when someone pays for something using a credit card or virtual currency and then disputes the charge later after they have used the services.

Local owner and private chef of Gourmet 21 Scotty Bond is the latest victim of this crime.

Bond said the dinner for eight happened in March when he provided a full course dinner for a private birthday party.

Weeks after the event, Bond said he noticed a full refund of $1,000 taken from his account. After trying to address any problems the customer may have had, he just gave up.

In total, Bond said with product, travel and the cost of the dinner, he lost $1,500 from his own money to feed the guest.

Bond said…

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