(WSPA) – Imagine ordering a costly heater and getting a straw hat 6 weeks later.

The Better Business Bureau warns, those are the kind of mounting complaints against an online shopping site.

And it turns out, the scope of the scheme to defraud shoppers out of their money is wider than at first glance.

Nicole Mendenhall from Ohio had been in the market for a heater for her Greenhouse.

And she found this one on a website called Ziyzlo.com. It’s listed for nearly a 3rd the price of Amazon.

“I went to check to make sure that it was an actual company based in the US and there was his name and address and the whole kit and caboodle, so I felt OK about it,” said Mendenhall.

What Mendenhall didn’t realize is that the Marietta, Georgia address is the residence of a retired chemist named Joseph Johns who had never seen the website, but did see the company name in his mail.

“I’ve gotten maybe a half a dozen letters to…

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