If you’re job hunting on popular sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed and more, watch out. You’re not the only hunter in the underbrush. In fact, the digital jungle is full of predators who are hungry to devour your private data.

When you’re desperate for a new position to pay the bills, you may miss some glaring red flags in a job posting. Work from home scams are especially risky, according to the Better Business Bureau’s Risk Index. Tap or click here for 10 warning signs of a fake job posting.

Thanks to the pandemic, many Americans were so desperate to pay their bills that they couldn’t recognize fraudulent jobs. In fact, Americans reported 70% more job scams in the first quarter of 2020 alone than in all of 2019, the FTC says. Some criminals even conned fresh college graduates out of thousands.

Scammers love to spoof real companies and take advantage of your optimism

Even Komando employees aren’t immune! Here’s how a job scam played me….

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