The scammers are using a sophisticated text message tactic in an effort to try get hold of personal and financial details. Aware that many people being familiar with getting text messages from their bank, the fraudsters are purporting to be from different banks, sending a similar type of message to the legitimate ones.

Beside the photograph, the Twitter user penned: “Scam alert. If u get this message and if you are a #LloydsBank customer do not click on the link #LloydsBank #scam.”

Another person shared a similar message which they had received.

Thankfully, they were instantly aware that it wasn’t a genuine message, due to not being a Lloyds Bank customer.

“Just so you know @LloydsBank Received text today – looks pretty convincing but I’m not a customer of yours so know it’s a scam. Reported to 7726,”(sic) they wrote.

This particular message sent from the fraudsters read: “Lloyds Bank: A payment was attempted from a NEW DEVICE on 07/06 at 13:46:18.


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