The 73-year-old woman put her trust in, and handed over her financial resources to, her two supposed caregivers. In return, they stole all of her money and other assets — even her house — leaving her destitute and without shelter.

Raelynn Stockman

Raelynn Stockman

This sad situation is one of many crimes committed against senior citizens in Las Vegas. Often, the culprits are caregivers or even family members. May is Older Americans Month, and it’s a good time to remind ourselves about the issue of elder abuse.

There are a few common characteristics in most elder financial abuse cases. The perpetrator uses trickery, intimidation or coercion, or the victim is too confused to give informed consent. Often the victim lives alone, is physically impaired and depends on another person for assistance.

Financial institutions in Las Vegas train their staff to look for signs that might indicate their elderly customers are being victimized. National and state…

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