The first rule for all scammers: If you’re trying to get people’s personal information, don’t send your scam text to a cybersecurity expert.

That’s exactly how this latest scam was uncovered.

The text appears to be from your bank and reads your account has been limited, but like most such texts, it’s not real at all.

Albert Whale, the founder of IT Security Solutions in Pittsburgh, got the message this weekend and said he was tipped off by several things.

First, it claimed to be from PNC Bank. He doesn’t even have an account with PNC.

Second, there was a phone number attached that wasn’t linked to any bank, so he decided to call it.

The first thing he heard on the other end: Please key in your nine-digital Social Security number, your PIN, and either your credit card or debit card number.

“Right out of the chute, Social Security… oh,…

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