Spending on the city’s credit cards dropped by half after the rules were tightened in March of this year and employees had to provide receipts for their purchases.

Lake Helen officials don’t think there was fraud involved in how the card was used, just sloppy policies and a lack of administrative oversight.

“I will just tell you what my chief assistant in charge of these things said to me,” Evett said, referring to Lake Helen Director of Administration Dominique Drager. “She didn’t see any outright fraud. She saw a lot of silly purchases.”

The card was used for $44,000 in purchases between April and August in 2020, but only $16,909 in the same time period in 2021. 

The city has no specific policy governing how the card may be used. 

“The system we had in place — I would use the term, it’s not very technical, it’s very loosey-goosey,” Evett told the City Commission. 

Tightening up…

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