The digital age added countless new opportunities for scammers to find and exploit victims. They can target your personal information, finances or both by using key loggers, public Wi-Fi, phishing, phony apps, sites, emails, social media accounts, phone calls and too many other methods to list.

The recent cryptocurrency boom has been ripe for exploitation. People with little to no experience in digital currency are signing up in hopes of turning a profit. Scam artists have jumped into the fray to take advantage of the situation. Tap or click here to see how crypto scam apps work and ways to avoid them.

Crooks don’t operate purely on a digital level nowadays. They can target you using physical means, and you won’t know it until it’s too late. Credit card skimmers have been around for some time and are still effective tools for scammers. Think that chip in your card will keep you safe? Well, they found a way around that too.

Skimmers vs….

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