ALTHOUGH we know about scamming tactics at any point in our lives, we can be vulnerable. Recently, I was scammed into transferring a substantial amount of cash to a fraudster’s account. I’m usually cybercrime savvy with my own security guardrails. Still, I fell prey to the one vulnerability that I did not expect—what if it was a family member who was hacked?

Here were things that I wish I knew to avoid a Facebook impersonation scam:

Hackers are good at what they do

The hacker studied my Mom’s chat history and copied her voice and grammar. They knew that I managed her financial accounts. They even sent me a screenshot of her World Remit account to prove why I need to transfer the money urgently.

The first sign of a hack is any kind of suspicious online activity

It started with a phishing scam from one of my Mom’s friends. A phishing scam is a way to steal information under the guise of a reputable source. My Mom clicked on a…

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