OFFICIALS have warned Americans to be wary of stimulus check scammers who may be trying to steal their Covid relief money.

A third stimulus check landed in the hands of millions of Americans in mid-April; however, millions are still waiting for their $1,400 checks.


Americans should be wary of stimulus check scammers who may try to steal their relief fundsCredit: Getty

As millions of Americans eagerly await their third stimulus check, other eligible citizens patiently wait to see if their monthly $300 Child Tax Credit arrives.

In fact, with money government assistance making rounds, this creates the perfect storm for fraudsters who try to make a dishonest dollar.

“Scammers are always looking for new opportunities, like the passage of another round of federal stimulus, to rip off consumers,” Ashley Moody told CNBC

Here are five common red flags that experts say could signal a stimulus check scam:

1) Unsolicited calls or emails

Spoofing technology…

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