BOUNTIFUL, Utah – While unemployment has eased since the pandemic started, many folks are still searching online for their next job. A Bountiful woman thought she found a perfect job for making some easy money, but it turns out she hired on with a criminal enterprise.

Lindsey wanted to earn a little extra scratch, so she went job hunting on several online job boards.

“I’ve got student loans and stuff,” she said.

A seemingly perfect fit soon showed up in an email.

“Hey, we thought you’d be a really good person as our warehouse coordinator,” Lindsey said about the opportunity.

No warehouse work was needed. She could do it all from home.

They said she would be sent boxes of merchandise, and all she had to do was print new shipping labels emailed to her, slap them on, and take the boxes to the post office.

“We’ll pay you $2,000 a month,” Lindsey said. “And every package that you send out, you get an extra $40…

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