Cases of fraud and scams are flowing in at the Witbank Police Station and in the past week, numerous cases as such were reported at the station.

In one of the cases which were opened the victim alleged that she was at home when she started to get messages on her phone of bank transactions.

“I had my bank card with me and did not believe what I was seeing. I immediately phoned my bank to freeze my account but unfortunately, they got away with the little bit of cash that was still in my account,” said the victim.

In another incident, a so-called supplier offered his service to a well-known business just to scam them of an undisclosed amount of cash.

It is believed that the suspect gave the business a private bank account number where the money for the supplies had to be transferred.

Upon transferring the money, the victim constantly asked the ‘supplier’ when she will receive the products, but quickly found out that she was…

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