Guelph Police are looking for two men who are reportedly using a fake taxi to approach people and attempt to scam them out of their debit or credit card information.

One of the men has been posing as a passenger in the taxi and claiming the driver wouldn’t let him pay cash due to COVID-19, said police spokesperson Scott Tracey. The man has been approaching people asking them to pay his bill with their debit or credit card and saying he would reimburse them with cash.

“These people seem intent to prey on people’s willingness to help a stranger,” said Tracey.

Police have received five calls about the scam and at least one man did offer his debit card to pay for the ride, Tracey said. When he got home, he realized the card returned to him was not his own.

“The suspects were able to obtain his PIN information and then still have his card because they gave him back a different one,” Tracey said. “Subsequently they were able to make some purchases.”

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