Fake parcel delivery texts make up more than half of scam messages, according to figures from banking trade body UK Finance.

Statistics for the three months to mid-July showed parcel delivery scams dominated the list of phoney text messages with 53pc of traffic. Fake texts pretending to be from banks and other lenders accounted for 37pc of messages.

In the final month of that period parcel texts swelled to 67pc of all contacts, the data showed.

Delivery scams have been attractive to criminal gangs because they have removed the guess-work of a bank scam, where fraudsters must guess whether a customer has an account with a certain financial provider.

With customers ordering more online and parcels being delivered by an array of firms, gangs have more chance of conning their targets into handing over personal details, which they can then use to impersonate them, or trick them into handing over more details such as credit card information.

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