Bringing back Inspector Sheikh Sohel Rana of Banani Police Station from India, where he has been arrested for trespassing, won’t be easy as there is a case filed against him there, said DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam yesterday.   

Speaking to The Daily Star, Shafiqul said police are trying to bring Rana back as he is an accused in a case here. He left work on Thursday without permission after e-commerce platform e-orange customers filed a case accusing Rana and nine others.

If it is not possible to bring him back right now, police will have to wait until the completion of his trial there, he added.

Asked about possible actions against Rana, the city police chief said the court would try him in the case filed against him.

Besides, police will take departmental action based on an investigation being done by Gulshan Division Police, as he was absent at work without permission.


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