CROMWELL, Conn. — A rental car shortage is causing prices to skyrocket, and scammers have found a clever way to cash in. BBB Scam Tracker is receiving reports of con artists impersonating rental car company representatives. They claim to be able to get you a deal on your rental, but it’s really a way to trick you into paying hundreds of dollars for a car that doesn’t exist.


How the Scam Works


You search for a rental car company online and dial the phone number that appears at the top of the results. A “customer service representative” answers and explains that you are in luck! The company is offering a special promotion. If you pay for your rental upfront using a gift card or prepaid debit card, you can get a significant discount.


It seems odd, but the representative insists that the “deal” is a partnership with the gift or pre-paid debit card provider. You purchase the cards and share the PIN with the representative. In 

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