A CORK woman has had more than €10,000 taken from her bank account after she received a text to her phone claiming to be from her bank.

In recent days, the woman received a text message claiming to be from her bank, asking her to enter her bank details. She did as requested and later discovered that more than €10,000 had been taken from her bank account.

A few days earlier, a similar incident occurred, also in Cork. 

In that incident, a woman received a text asking her to click on a link to her online banking. She then got a call claiming to be from Bank of Ireland, with which she does her banking.

During the call, she was told that there had been suspicious activity on her account, in Manchester.

After the phone call ended, she herself became suspicious and contacted her bank. She then discovered that more than €1,000 had been taken from her account.

Bank of Ireland are warning people about fraudulent messages claiming to be from the bank. 


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