DENVER — While there may be only five winners for Colorado’s million-dollar Comeback Cash vaccine lottery, scammers will have you believing you’ve won the drawings, too, by pretending to be the Colorado Department of Publich Health and Environment, stealing personal information and potentially money.

Denver resident Erik Clarke says he received one of these scam calls on Saturday morning.

“‘Congratulations, you won a million dollars with the Colorado Comeback Cash program,'” he recalled the caller saying.

The caller, whom Clarke described as having a thick accent, began asking him for personal information.

“‘What’s your date of birth,'” he said the caller asked.

Immediately, he knew he hadn’t really won $1 million.

“It’s a pretty telltale sign when anybody over the phone, especially who called you in the first place, asks for personal identifying information,” Clarke said.

He thanks his background as an internal auditor for being privy to these types of…

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