Harvinder (Harry) Singh Sidhu is a serial thief and liar, according to many former employees we have spoken to. 

Dozens of Workers Ripped Off

We accused Harry Sidhu of being a crooked boss, who ripped off an employee he hired to manage his security company. But it’s much worse. 

It’s clear to us Sidhu has been stealing thousands of dollars from numerous employees. Despite his many lies and delaying tricks the Employment Relations Authority has finally had enough and set July 6 as the date for Sidhu to meet his justice. 

We are supporting former manager, Vikram*. We filed a case against Sidhu’s company, Central Care and Settlement Services Limited, in the Auckland Employment Relations Authority last April. We allege Sidhu cheated Vikram of $16,000. We also say Sidhu has had a pattern of gross dishonesty. His suppliers say Sidhu doesn’t pay them and many other employees say he owes them thousands in unpaid wages. 

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