Black Hills Energy is warning customers about a late bill payment scam making the rounds again.

Company spokeswoman Laurie Farkas says they’ve received reports from customers of attempted scam calls where the customer is told their bill is delinquent and service will be disconnected.

“The scammers are using several telephone numbers and using technology that disguises their number and may even mimic a Black Hills Energy number,” said Farkas.

“They may be calling customers several times hoping someone will answer the phone and may ask for the home address of the customer,” she added.

Farkas urges customers with concerns about the identity of someone claiming to represent the company to call Black Hills Energy at 1-888-890-5554 to verify employment. Calling local law enforcement is also an option.

Cautionary tips:

  • Don’t give in to a high-pressure call seeking personal information – if someone calls claiming to represent your local utility and they demand…

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