Standard Bank has warned against an email scam calling for ‘users’ validate their details on a fraudulent site. The scam involves a fake notification from the South African Revenue Service, informing the recipient of a pending payment from the revenue service.

The email comes at a time when tax return season is almost upon us: As of July 1, South Africans can complete their tax returns for the year to the end of February 2021 and, hopefully, claim some money back from SARS.

The fraudulent email claims to be from ‘[email protected]’.

Dear user

‘You have 1 new pending incoming Payment from SARS . Click Here To accept the payment immediately’

‘Note: Registered phone number or Email address we have on our record must be verified by One-Time-PIN to validate your details.’

Standard Bank stressed that the e-mail is not from the bank.

“Kindly be advised that a generic e-mail is sent out by fraudsters to many e-mail addresses. Fraudsters…

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