In the wake of the pandemic has come a scammers epidemic. The crime is so widespread, aggressive and severe that many of us refuse to answer telephone calls or respond to text messages from an unknown number, assuming there’s a fraudster at the other end.

And who can blame us? Research from Which? found that phone call and text message fraud was up 83 per cent over the past year, the biggest rise among all types of fraudulent attacks.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that for the year ending March, there were 4.6m fraud offences.

Yet at the same time, convictions in England and Wales have slumped to their lowest level since 2007, with just one in 700 incidents of fraud leading to a conviction in 2019.

Banks drop the ball

To make matters worse, it seems many of the UK’s biggest banks are failing to properly help fraud victims.

Which? surveyed more than 400 people who had been victims of a fraud – or attempted fraud – in the past 12 months,…

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