(Source: Getty, MailGuard)

An email security platform has issued a new warning about a fake parcel delivery scam that aims to steal recipients’ personal information and banking details.

MailGuard said it had intercepted an email posing as a delivery alert that exploits Australia Post’s branding.

The email claims to be from a sender called ‘parcelmonitor’, but the email address in the ‘from’ field is from a compromised domain.

“Hello, Your Parcel Number … is on the way,” the email reads. “Your package is stopped at our post. $1 shipping cost have [sic] not been paid.

“This is the last time we are reminding you about your pending shipping cost. The pending delivery will be canceled if the amount is not paid within 48 hours.”

(Source: MailGuard)

(Source: MailGuard)

Users are told to click a link to schedule their delivery and asked to select a preferred time of delivery.

The fraudulent website uses Australia Post branding throughout, and users are told to…

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