Banderas movie scam
Antonio Banderas’ movie set in Thessaloniki has been racked with scams. Credit: José Antonio Berrocal Pérez/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

The movie starring Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas, which is currently filming in Thessaloniki, Greece has been the target of a serious scam, according to information released over the weekend.

The film, with the working title “The Enforcer,” hired a number of local Greeks as extras to pad out scenes. However, these locals fell victim to a scam organized by unknown perpetrators, which attempted to steal the extras’ personal information by pretending to be affiliated with the movie.

Scammers take advantage of Banderas movie publicity

The scam was discovered following extended communications between the production staff and the actors affected. However, the scheme did not exclusively target those who had been successful in their quest of getting cast in the movie, as texts were also sent to Hollywood…

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