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The Montreal-based affiliate network AdCenter has closed shop overnight. The company gives no reason for its sudden decision, which follows a few weeks after an investigation linked the outfit to one of the largest piracy-related scam operations.

Scammers have been around for centuries but, on the Internet, they can reach broader audiences than ever.

Most people are familiar with ransomware, trojans, and the prince who inherited millions of dollars. These ploys are targeted at anyone who’s willing to bite.

Scams can also be more tailored towards a specific audience. This includes people who search the web for pirated content. Malicious actors trap prospective pirates by pointing them to their own streaming portals.

We have seen these promotions in the comment sections of pirate sites but also on legitimate platforms. At the same time, scammers exploit weaknesses in reputable sites to place their ‘offers’ in Google’s…

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