After 17 years off the air, Changing Rooms is making a spectacular return with a brand new makeover of its own.

There will be more tears, tantrums and sensational designs when the iconic DIY home improvement show airs on Channel 4 tonight.

Way back in 1996, Changing Rooms caught the nation’s attention as teams of top designers helped couples decorate a room in each other’s homes.

They would then meet up at the end for a dramatic reveal, which usually resulted in big smiles all round, although it could end in disaster and there were some horrific reactions.

One furious husband once claimed his room looked like “a w***e’s palace”, while Linda accidentally smashed a woman’s antique teapot set.

The mesmerising show, which was hosted by the much-loved Carol Smillie, pulled in a whopping 10 million viewers at its peak on BBC One.

Changing Rooms first aired way back in 1996


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