Mexico City International Airport (Photo: Quartosgro)

This was announced on Tuesday, September 21st, at least 250 Mexicans were scammed into claiming employment in Canada. According to the information provided, the idea was to travel to that country and get a job.

Early in the morning, the victims arrived on a flight to Mexico City International Airport (AICM) in North America; However, The person who arranged the trip did not come.

The victims admitted it They paid Sergio Portillo Brians 5,000 pesosHe assured them that the whole procedure was legal. In addition, they insisted that the subject had asked them for this amount in order to carry out various procedures such as Govt proof and work visa.

Mexico City International Airport (Photo: Quartosgro)

Based on the story, people were summoned to AICM at 01:00 (Central Mexico time) Go to a hotel, For isolation for three days, allegedly located at Terminal 1.

The day before the flight, they will undergo…

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