I first noticed the coin shortage signs that were ubiquitous last summer had returned a couple of weeks ago at Kroger in Fort Wayne.

“Due to a national coin shortage, all self-serve checkouts are Card Only & No Cash Back.”

Then this week I saw another in a restaurant: “We can no longer give back change for cash transactions due to change shortage.”

According to the Federal Reserve, the U.S. doesn’t have a coin shortage. It’s a circulation issue.

And yes, you can blame it on COVID-19 if you want.

According to a May announcement by the U.S. Coin Task Force, created in July 2020, “There is approximately $48.5 billion in coin already in circulation, much of which is sitting dormant inside America’s 128 million households. Returning coins into circulation by spending them, or depositing or exchanging them at banks or…

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