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SUGAR CITY — A scammer took tens of thousands of dollars from Sugar City last week.

The city clerk is reported to have accidentally sent $77,000 to the scammer using a wire transfer to a fraudulent account on Wednesday. The theft from the city became public after the Madison County Sheriff’s Office listed the item on a weekly crime report.

“There was an invoice issued from an asphalt company. … Our city clerk thought it was a legitimate invoice and almost as soon as she paid it, she realized there was something wrong with it,” Sugar City Councilwoman Catherine Nielsen told EastIdahoNews.com. “There was like one letter different on the email.”

Nielsen said Sugar City was working with a contractor to complete a road resurfacing project at the time and received an invoice for the amount approved by the city.

“Our mayor made the comment, ‘This is one of the best scams’ he has ever seen,” Nielsen said.

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