A new warning from the Kennebec County Sheriff’s office according to a report by the Bangor Daily News.

Earlier this week the Kennebec County Sheriff’s office responded to several people who have scammed recently totaling over $10,000.

A Vassalboro couple complained they were contacted by someone representing the Customs and Border Patrol requiring them to purchase over two grand in pre-paid Visa Gift cards and supply them with the card numbers.

The same couple was contacted the next day with the threat of arrest if they didn’t send $7000 via UPS.

Another person was promised $9000 in Federal Grant money if they paid a one time fee via Google Play Gift Cards totaling $950.

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s office indicated that scammers often play the role of a law enforcement agency or federal government official to intimidate potential victims. However, in reality neither would contact a person by telephone requesting money to avoid jail.

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