The “agent” told her that her identity had been stolen and that she was inadvertently involved in an international drug trafficking and money laundering scheme.

The dirty rat then persuaded her to wire massive sums of her life savings to a second fake DEA agent or “she would be investigated by the DEA and would lose her Social Security number.”

According to the lawsuit that the victim has filed against her bank for not questioning her about her huge transfers, she was taken for $4.3 million.

Look, we all have to step up our understanding of the growing risk of cyber-scammers — and we need to help our elders learn how to protect themselves from rapidly increasing threats.

The FBI reports that since many older Americans have large nest eggs and homes that are paid off, they are ripe targets.

Many elderly persons who are friendly and trusting — and wary of being rude to anyone who calls on the phone — are especially at risk in our era of…

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