Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper re-asserted his position on Tuesday that he would not build the team a new stadium without government assistance. It’s the latest example of a multi-billion dollar NFL owner expecting local citizens to foot the bill of pet projects under the guise of fandom.

Tepper’s proposition isn’t unique. Rather, it’s become part of the fabric of the NFL’s new-normal which treats its cities as expendable — unless they’re willing to pay. The ever-present subtext in these discussions is that if local government won’t foot the bill, a team will find a city that will, even if nobody is saying it.

“I’m not building a stadium alone,” Tepper told reporters on Tuesday. “The community is going to have to want it.” The Panthers owner added that he wasn’t going to force a new stadium on anyone, but once again, the devil is in the details. It’s bizarre of Tepper to say he won’t “force” a stadium on…

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