The protest, involving party members and workers from unorganised sectors, took place in districts across Karnataka.

Left-wing parties in Karnataka organised a state-wide protest on Tuesday, June 1, demanding the state government ensure that the livelihoods of people are secured amid the lockdown. Many people, including party cadres and workers from the unorganised sector, protested across Karnataka. The protest, held under the slogan ‘Save Lives and Safeguard Livelihoods’, was held jointly by the CPI(ML) Liberation, CPI, CPI(M), SUCI(C), AIFB, Swaraj India and RPI parties.

“The state’s COVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee on Monday had recommended that Karnataka continue the lockdown in a stricter form, thus ‘placing lives before livelihoods’. While the state government has to strengthen public health systems and ensure the people of Karnataka overcome the toll that the pandemic is having, it is also equally important that livelihoods are…

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