Colton Middle School council challenges staff to raise funds for charity: water organization

The 10 members of the Colton Middle School student council are championing a cause that is important to them and the student body.

Brandon Salsman, one of the CMS teacher/council advisers, said: “The origin of the project began when student council wanted to do a project for Earth Day. The council selected three organizations for the student body to choose from, and the students voted to support charity: water.”

Three members of the student council, President Ray Baurer, Vice President Samatha Roberson and sixth-grade representative Audrey Cook, made a poignant and informative fundraising YouTube video, written by Roberson.

It begins:

“We are raising funds for charity: water, a nonprofit that has reached 19 countries and helped more than 12 million people have access to clean drinking water.

“How many times a day do you push a button or turn on your…

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