When this plumber found a website that was impersonating his business he came up with a genius idea to beat the hacker at their own game. Here is what he did.

What do you do when scammers use your company details to create a fake website?

It’s a problem we see almost every day at IDCARE, Australia’s national cyber community support service.

At times we hear from the owner of businesses who are being impersonated online. These owners are angry and frustrated this is happening and there appears to be little they can do to make it stop.

But in June, we found one business which refused to give up.

Lesson one: never cross a plumber!

The business is Canberra-based O’Neill and Brown Plumbing.

The owner of the business was contacted in February by what we’ve come to recognise is a crack team of cyber security sleuths in the Northern Territory, working with the Government Consumer Affairs Bureau.

The team let him know his company details were being used by…

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