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Nerlos locator review (Finding missing items using the Nerlos Locator bluetooth tracker): So James and Christiana are couples; and it’s a Sabbath day. Both woke up very late preparing for the sabbath. It was a 9am sabbath worship. At exact 8:30 am they are both done preparing, and ready to kickoff. They forfeited breakfast because time was already against them as they need drive over 28minutes with an average speed to beat the sabbath time.

Now James had gone to pick up the car care on the desk where it’s kept. Unfortunately, car key was nowhere to be found.

Christiana !!! – James screamed aloud. Calling his wife who was already outside the car garage for morethan 10minutes, waiting for the husband angrily. Christiana heard her name calling from the room, so she rushed down to answer. Seeing her husband’s weird face, she new something had gone wrong.
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Where did you kept the car…

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