GAMIRSFM, 9 hours agoSame weird move is with the Xcover pro lol. A punchhole on a phone that has more than enough s… moreIt ruins the experience and so does the skinny tall display. Sometimes those construction workers may not be using social media at all


CompactPhones5ever, 11 hours agoI agree that there is a market for rugged phones, BUT! 6.5″ screen with those bezels? No… moreLet’s not forget the fact that the width would make around 4.7 inches in 16:9 ratio. But the display is too tall for a rugged phone imho. Seems like this is manufactured by Bullitt owned factories but not Huaqin or Tinno


Nice thought, but just buy a regular mid-range Moto G and get a Poetic or similar hardened case and you’ll be fine.


kek, 11 hours agoBezels aside, why did they put a fkin notch on it when they have enough space to move that cam… moreSame weird move is with the…

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