PHOENIX — As COVID cases are on the rise again, there are still people out of work from the last wave.

Denise has been searching for graphic design work since last April, and she recently found two job postings that looked interesting, so she started applying.

“10 or 15 minutes later I received an email supposedly from the boss,” Denise says.

It was a $40 an hour remote job for Atlas Construction.

Denise says she filled out a questionnaire, sent it in, and then turned her attention to the other job at Landmark Construction in Flagstaff. And she got some good news the next day.

“You’re among the candidates listed for a virtual meeting,” Denise reads in an email.

She sent answers to questions which she says seemed appropriate for the job.

So, Denise had no real concerns until she got emails the next day.

“It said congratulations you got the job. I didn’t speak to anybody. All I did was a questionnaire. I got a couple of emails and all of a sudden I have a…

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