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Feds seize sites posing as Walmart web pages to sell phony COVID-19 cures

Prosecutors believe the sites were really being used to steal people’s personal information. Read More

‘I have a little surprise for you’: Jeff Bezos announces $100 million award for leaders who ‘aim high’

Van Jones and José Andrés are the first two recipients of Bezos’s ‘courage and civility’ award. Read More

‘There are inherent disparities in the system’: Former NBA players say new NCAA rules will make college more equitable for athletes

College athletes can now profit from their names, images and likenesses — a rule that would have come in handy for former Golden State Warriors Festus Ezeli and Adonal Foyle, who both faced scrutiny while on basketball scholarships in college. Read More

The pandemic-induced recession ended more than a year ago — but the U.S….

Read more…