By Glenda Boza Ibarra (El Toque)

HAVANA TIMES – Over 100 people have commented on a Facebook post that asked for information about mules traveling to Russia. Most of them weren’t answering the question, but instead offering to go. 

Moscow has been the chosen destination of hundreds of Cubans ever since flights began operating again last November. Keeping tourist flights from Russia running has given Cubans a chance to go to this country and return with these airlines.

Some 25,000 Cubans are entering Russia every year, according to statistics from Border Control published in El Pais. Vladimir Putin’s government doesn’t require Cubans to have a visa; you just need a plane ticket and a valid passport to get into Russian territory. Cubans can stay there for 90 days as tourists, without a work permit.

Shortages in Cuba and the opportunity to sell products bought abroad (in Russia in this case) has weighed heavier than the threat of COVID-19….

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