A commercial complex under construction was hit by thieves twice in the last week.

On May 3, the Oak Bay police responded to a break and enter in the 2000-block of Cadboro Bay Road. An employee noticed a section of temporary fencing was moved and someone had tampered with a lock. About 100 feet of copper wiring, a Dewalt charger and batteries and several two-way radios were stolen.

Police were called a second time May 9. This time, the main entrance sliding door was propped open and more copper was stolen.

On May 11, a 33-year-old man was arrested for break and enter and possession of housebreaking tools in relation to the incidents.

Double speed means vehicle impound

Oak Bay police ticketed a driver and took their car for excessive speed on Tuesday, May 4, around 11 p.m.

An officer doing traffic enforcement in the 2300-block of Cedar Hill Cross Road heard the revving of an engine and saw a vehicle rapidly approaching with the radar showing a…

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