State College (AP) — Pennsylvania construction contractors get tens of millions from their workers by systematically violating general state and federal wage laws against the general public funded by taxpayers. It is expected to resolve a large-scale wage theft case accused of stealing dollars. Infrastructure project.

Glenn O from State College. Hawbaker Inc. will appear in Center County Court of Justice today to file a plea. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro will then hold a press conference in Harrisburg to announce a “major update” to the criminal case.

Hawbaker, who has a 70-year history of booking $ 1.7 billion in state transportation construction contracts between 2003 and 2018, has been charged with four thefts. An email was sent to a spokesperson for the company seeking comment on today’s plea hearing.

Shapiro calls it a “massive and unprecedented scam” and is the largest incident of its kind nationwide.

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