A builder who tried to scam a homeowner out of thousands of pounds has been jailed for 10 months, suspended for 18 months following a hearing at Manchester Crown Court

Officers working for Manchester City Council’s trading standards team discovered that in October 2018 a homeowner in Crumpsall had contacted Didsbury Plumbing and Heating Ltd for a quote to repair some damp.

While this initial quote was for just £8,000, as work began, the company and its director, Malachy Joyce persuaded the homeowner to pay for additional, and potentially unnecessary home improvements.

This included the installation of new central heating, plastering and decorating most rooms, drainage works, electrical works, and new carpets throughout the house.

The homeowner was charged an extortionate £75,000 for this work, however, she only paid £37,000.

Independent surveyors assessed the smaller amount was the true value of the work carried out.

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