On 07/19/2021, officers took an informational report regarding a minor collision that occurred on private property near the 30200 block of 224th AVE SE. The parties involved exchanged information and officers cleared the call without incident.


On 7/19/2021, an officer responded to the 30800 block of 228 AVE SE for a fraud report. The suspect impersonated the victims boss and requested the victim buy gift cards and provide the claim codes. The officer assisted the victim with the process to recover some of the lost money. The investigation is ongoing.


On 7/19/2021, an officer responded to the 32900 block of Railroad Ave for a report of CPR in progress. The officer arrived shortly after the fire department. The patient was treated on scene.


On 7/20/2021, an officer was advised of a reported stolen vehicle that had been towed to the 31100 block of 3rd Ave. The officer…

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