After a storm passes through, scammers often come out of the woodwork, ready to take advantage of those in need of clean-up services.

“One thing about storms, you see the absolute best in people, but you see the worst in people because they’re vulnerable and the scammers know it,” Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis told News4Jax on Wednesday.

After Tropical Storm Elsa left pockets of damage in Northeast Florida, Patronis warned that you might need to take time before heading out to clean up because more people are injured after a storm than during it.

“You’ve got to err on the side of caution. The ground right now all through the Big Bend area and Northeast Florida is saturated with the rain we’ve had over the last several weeks so those trees are going to be vulnerable as those gusts of wind, those tornadoes will ultimately cause those trees to fall over, bring down power lines, create other catastrophic problems,” Patronis said.


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