The saints of Ayodhya have registered their protest against the alleged fraud in the land deals for the Ram Mandir and submitted a petition to Lord Hanuman—the protector of Ayodhya. 

Prominent saints and members of Hindutva organisations did 11 readings of the Hanuman Chalisa at the Sankat Mochan Temple sited on the banks of Saryu and then submitted a petition to the deity. 

The petition addressed to the Monkey God says that some black-hearted people have entered the Ram Mandir Trust. “Their acts of corruption are damaging the dignity, character and values of the God you venerate,” it says. 

The petition addresses Hanuman ji as ‘omniscient’. 

“You are the guardian of Ram’s durbar and the king of Ayodhya dham. Those who are steeped in corruption are betraying the God and his bhakts. Unmask and punish them and save this holy land from taint”, reads the petition. 

Mahanat Dharm Das of the Ani Nirwani Akhara said, “If there is…

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